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This is our standard Kwikcard.
Your customers can Call, Text and Email you.
Plus with the share button your Kwikcard can be sent for installation by others by either a text or email.
Perfect for individuals and sole traders.




Our Business Kwikcard comes with the standard individual features plus all your office contact details, office telephone, office email, company website and business location. You can also add a button to access online files such as a price list or menu.



Company Contacts

Our Company Contacts Kwikcard brings all your employees contact details together. This means that your customers can easily access your businesses most important points of contact. These are also a great way to access your own company employees instantly.



*One off payment no contracts or monthly fees.

See what our customers think …

I text my install link to my customers, my Kwikcard means they always have a point of contact for my services directly from their mobiles. It really keeps me in touch with my customers.

Dave Skillington Electrician

These are fantastic!!! Love mine and its a breeze to send to anyone, anywhere!!
get one you really won’t regret it!

Rita Shelley Hairdresser

I sent my Kwikcard link to my new customer by text, she had it installed on her mobile in seconds, what an exciting new way to share your contact details with people, I love it and would recommend a Kwikcard to anyone!

John Rutherford Director

Wow!!! what an awesome new way of interacting with your clients, its quick and simple to share your Kwikcard and they look amazing, a very professional service I would recommend to anyone!

Harry Greenberg Service Manager

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